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Custom-Fit Approaches for Custom-Fit Solutions


Business solutions are not one-size-fits-all. At S.T.A.R. Resources, we know you need a personalized approach to successfully build your team and encourage a positive workplace.



We start with a conversation. Why? Because listening to you is the best way to unpack how we can help. As we walk through a series of questions together, we hear your challenges. Ultimately, we marry your organization’s unique set of problems with a unique set of solutions, changing a troublesome team into a cohesive team investing in and developing new leaders.


We partner with the top industry assessment leaders, representing 5 different suites of products with access to over 20 assessments. Get straightforward and fast points of improvement for hiring, career growth, team development, leadership, business growth, productivity and profitability, communication, conflict resolution, and more.

Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching is about empowerment. Pushing your team to their best selves by encouraging ownership for their path. While training is following a predetermined path to success, coaching is a collaborative approach to filling gaps that you, (or your team), want to see bridged.

Leadership Advancement

Identifying future leaders is one thing, but investing in future leaders is another. S.T.A.R. Resources develops leaders through careful preparation, growing their capabilities and deepening their capability to be flexible and adapt to ever-changing work challenges.

Organizational Development

You have a vision for your organization, but without solid infrastructure and a steady foundation, it’ll be hard to obtain. By investing in the structure of your organization, your talent, and your strategy, realizing your vision will be increasingly tangible.

Culture Change Sessions

Culture is crucial. It’s a tool for talent acquisition and retention, it’s a key to efficiency and effectiveness, and it’s the way to differentiate yourself from the pack. If your organization is stuck, S.T.A.R. Resources can help. Our approach to culture change incorporates your entire team and ignite them to take interest and action to drive transformational change in your organization.

Training Kits

Our training kits are crafted to equip you with the tools to service your team like never before. These kits are built to guide you in unpacking ideas with your team for different ways to approach situations, explore options, and find solutions. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your existing training and development or you want to build one from the ground up, we can put together a kit to fit your needs. 

Workshop Events (Live and Virtual)

Your internal team or event audience needs impactful workshops custom-fit to solve specific challenges.What makes our workshops different from others? Collaboration. Your stakeholders are our co-creators in pathing our workshop plan for your organization, encouraging buy-in and enabling next steps to get meaningful results

The S.T.A.R. Resources Model

Process is the Difference

Problem solving for your team is what we do best. For businesses big, small, and everything in between, we take your internal challenges and deliver you timely solutions custom-fit to what you need right now.

Research & Analysis

Getting to the heart of your specific issues takes digging… deep. We take the time to sit down with you, walk through the challenges you and your team face, and unpack what has been done to date. If you want to include your wider team, this stage of work can include harnessing employee opinions via interviews or surveys.

Build a Custom Solution

Once we understand your current environment, we can prescribe the solutions to get it from where it is to where you want it to be. During this stage, we will work with decision-makers and leaders within your organization to select the services needed to rectify issues and reach your goals

Execute & Monitor

We execute any assessments and exercises laid out in the timeline, but then what? We work with your staff training them to move forward, encouraging them to takes the reigns for extended progress. We’ll check-in and make sure your on-track to the original goals and also identify new opportunities.

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