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About S.T.A.R. Resources

Encouraging relationships, improving teams, developing leaders


Imagine your team… but better. Imagine workplace relationships thriving with trust, strengthened teams flourishing in collaboration, and leaders living up to their full potential. Meet S.T.A.R. Resources.

Why S.T.A.R. Resources

The Numbers Don’t Lie

At S.T.A.R. Resources, we’re dedicated to Strategic Teams Achieving Results. Our team works to provide yours with actionable tools to identify issues, address challenges, and create long-lasting solutions. With our variety of assessments, workshops, and programs, we customize a targeted plan to meet your specific needs. This could look like understanding communication styles between team members, developing your next level of leadership, or even helping to standardize career pathing within your organization. 

These gradual investments in team culture and development start a ripple effect of positive change, positioning your organization as a place current employees want to stay and potential employees want to be.


Clients retaining service over 5+ years

Founder | CEO | Author

Meet Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Founder • CEO • Author

With nearly 30 years of experience working directly with clients, Mary Elizabeth is a reliable, results-driven expert in team dynamics, development, and cohesion. As CEO and owner of S.T.A.R. Resources and author of RESET Your Buttons, she has been teaching the skills to earn more, achieve more, and produce more since 1993. Enhancing interpersonal relationships and increasing effectiveness and productivity in the workplace is her passion. 

Encouraging women in leadership in the workplace is another of her passions. The Small Business Administration awarded Mary Elizabeth the NC Women in Business Champion of the Year for her commitment to the advancement of women’s business ownership. T+D Magazine named her one of six recipients of the prestigious Training’s New Guard for her ability to inspire others with her passion, determination, and success.


What We Do Best

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Keeping employees engaged gives them an opportunity to be a part of something bigger, reducing turnover and growing loyalty to your organization and its brand.

Stronger Recruitment

People want to work where they will grow. While investing in your employees is great for current staff, it also encourages other talent to join.

Improved Leadership

True leaders crave growth. While promotions might not be readily available, proving their value by giving them chances and tools to develop leadership capabilities is a step in the right direction.

Future Stability

Programs that invest in the structure of your organization help guarantee it has a future, teaching how to adapt, work together, and thrive.

Better bottom-lines

Investing in human capital and empowering your leaders enables your organization to reduce costs and unlock opportunities to generate new lines of revenue.

Smoother processes

Organizations need dependable processes for seamless operations. Careful analysis and intentional betterment of your processes facilitate the effectiveness of your business.